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C&E Tax Express Questionaire
  1. C&E Tax Express Questionaire for *
  2. To assist us in updating our records, please provide the following information:
  3. Address *
    Please input your ABN if you had any sole trader business income.
  4. Date Of Birth dd/mm/yyyy *
  5. Occupation *
  6. Phone Numbers: *
  7. Home *
    Family name?
  8. Work
    Family name?
  9. Mobile *
    Family name?
  10. E-mail *
    Family name?
  11. INCOME
  12. Tick if attached
  13. Checklist
    please tick
  14. 1. Did you receive Income from Employment?
    Please attach Payment Summaries
  15. 2. Did you receive any Eligible Termination Payments?
    Please attach Statement of Termination
  16. 3. Did you receive Income from Centrelink, ie. Parenting Payment, Sickness or Unemployment Benefits?
    Please attach Centrelink Summary
  17. 4. Did you receive any Interest Income?
    Please provide details below
  18. Bank
  19. Amount ($)
  20. 5. Did you receive any Dividends from Shares?
    Please attach Share Dividend Statements
  21. 6. Did you receive any Income from Managed Investments?(eg. Bankers Trust, Asgard etc)
    Please attach Tax Summaries
  22. 7. Did you sell any Shares or Real Estate during the Year?
    Please provide details of Original Purchase Price,Net Sale Proceeds and all supporting documentation
  23. 8. Did you receive Income from Rental Properties?
    Please provide details of all income & expenditure including real estate agent summaries, loan statements,and all associated costs

    For new Rental Properties, Settlement Statement & Loan Documentation will be required.
  24. Income
  25. Amount ($)
  26. Rent Received
  27. Outgoing Reimbursed
  28. Expenses
  29. Advertising
  30. Agents commisions and costs
  31. Body corporate fees/ Strata levies
  32. Gardening
  33. Interest expense
  34. Insurance
  35. Rates & Taxes -water
  36. -council
  37. -land tax
  38. Repairs (please provide details)
  39. Loan establishment fees
  40. Travel to inspect properties
  41. Construction Costs
  42. 9. Did you receive any Other Income?(eg. Overseas Income)
    Please provide details and/or supporting documentation
  2. Tick if attached
  3. Checklist
    please tick
  4. 10. Did you use your Motor Vehicle for Work Related Travel?
    Please provide details of kilometres travelled & motor vehicle expenses if applicable
  5. 11. Did you incur Travel Expenses whilst on Business Trips?
  6. Details
  7. Amount ($)
  8. 12. Did you incur Costs associated with Compulsory Uniforms and/or Protective Clothing?
  9. Details
  10. Amount ($)
  11. (As the Taxation Office requirements for Deductibility of Uniforms are stringent, please contact our Office if you are unsure as to your particular claim)
  12. 13. Are you undertaking Self Education related to your employment?
    Please provide details including Name of Course, Fees, Books and associated costs
  13. 14. Did you incur any other Work Related Expenditure, for example,Tools, Union Fees, Subscriptions, Telephone, Home Office, Stationery, Seminars, Professional Development etc?
  14. Details
  15. Amount ($)
  16. 15. Did you incur any Costs associated with Dividends/Investments?
    Please provide details, including loan statements showing interest charged on investment loans
  17. 16. Did you make any Donations or Building Fund Contributions?
  18. Details
  19. Amount ($)
  20. 17. Did you purchase any capital equipment for your employment e.g: computers, tools etc (please provide details)
  21. Date
  22. Detail
  23. Amount ($)
  25. Tick if attached
  26. Checklist
    please tick
  27. 18. Please provide details of all Dependants (including children)
  28. Name
  29. Date of Birth
  30. Income ($)
  31. 19. Education Rebate - Do you have any primary and/or school and/or Secondary School students? List below expenditure which relates to each student: (eligible items include: text books, stationary computers, and software used for educational purposes)
  32. 20. Do you Contribute your own income in addition to your employers contribution to a Superannuation Fund?
  33. Superfund Name
  34. Membership Number
  35. Amount Contributed
  36. 21. Do you have Private Health Insurance?
    If so, please attach a copy of the rebate statement sent to you by your Private health fund.
  37. 22. Are you entitled to a Zone Rebate?
    Have you worked in a remote or isolated location
  38. Location
  39. No. of days in Zone
  40. 23. Did you incur medical expenses for yourself and dependants that total greater than $1,500 (after Medicare & Health Fund Rebates)?
    Please provide details of medical expenses incurred
  41. 24. Do you have a HELP or SFSS Debt?
    Please provide Statement of Amount Owing
  42. 25. Did you or your spouse receive Family Tax Benefit?
    Please attach Centrelink Statement
  43. 26. Did you pay any child support?
    Please attach documentation from Child Support Agency, bank statements
  45. Please attach or provide an explanation for any further information needed to complete your income tax return
  46. C&E Tax Express Questionaire

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